Success Story
Health Insurance Technology Startup


  • Add a secure message center to an insurance plan CX platform
  • Elevate the digital experience for users
  • Minimize infrastructure complexity and cost
  • Complete deployment without business disruption
  • Allow services provider to answer widespread industry need


  • DataMotionTM Secure Message Center APIs and PaaS

“There were other tools that could have fit, and we did give them a hard look, but DataMotion had stronger, more flexible technology, a pricing advantage and a proven track record with us.”

Vice President of Security and Infrastructure


A health insurance technology start-up (insurtech) develops white-labeled, customized products for health insurance carriers (insurers) to engage with consumers (members) in new and innovative ways. Using a software as a service (SaaS) model, the company offers a customer experience platform (CX Platform) built specifically for the industry. The company’s products provide real-time insights at every touchpoint, delivering a CX that health insurers want and their members seek.


  • Securely exchange protected health information (PHI) between members, providers and payers
  • Add secure messaging so plan members get direct, seamless service through one location
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Keep technology familiar to prevent member and service rep frustration
  • Leverage existing tech investments


A health plan provider wanted to provide a better customer experience for its members by using the insurtech’s CX Platform. They wanted members to be able to exchange information and communicate with service representatives directly and securely from their self-service web portal. Primarily, this entailed the ability to send secure messages containing PHI. The CX Platform used Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) simple email as a relay server for messaging as a standard function. Unfortunately, that service lacks the security necessary for protecting PHI in compliance with HIPAA privacy anmd security regulations.

The insurer wanted to eliminate the inconvenience of members having to leave the portal to use another method for communicating, be it a separate email encryption portal, snail mail or fax. Their goal was to provide seamless interactions with service representatives through one location.

At the same time, the insurer didn’t want to add a new, complex system to their infrastructure – they needed to leverage existing technology for the greatest return on investment. They also wanted to keep the look and feel of their member self-service portal familiar so as not to frustrate members, while retaining the processes reps were accustomed to in order avoid retraining and any interruptions to business.


DataMotion is a leading provider of data privacy and security solutions. The company is a pioneer in securing and automating workflows that exchange sensitive data for a wide variety of customer-facing applications in healthcare, government and financial industries. DataMotion is also known in the insurance community, and as a result, already had worked with the insurtech company on various projects.

It was through this relationship that the company learned DataMotion had an in-depth set of application programing interfaces (APIs) for secure messaging, email, file exchange and folder management – collectively known as Secure Message Center APIs. These can enable secure web-mail, file exchange and web-forms natively in member and provider portals and mobile apps.

Using the DataMotion APIs, a Secure Message Center was quickly integrated with the CX Platform and the health plan member services portal. With it plan members and service reps can easily connect and share supporting documents with familiar messaging tools from behind the portal login. Information is routed accordingly, case numbers assigned for tracking in ticketing systems, and response notifications can be sent. Detailed logging reports also provide transaction history details to help prove regulatory compliance. For the company, APIs meant the health plan could provide its members with direct two-way communications that fully protected PHI, while increasing the CX by enabling information through a single existing portal.

“Our client didn’t want to stand up another interface and we agreed; it would add complexity, was cost-prohibitive and would be disruptive for both plan members and service reps,” said the Vice President of Security and Infrastructure. “There were other tools that could have fit, and we did give them a hard look, but DataMotion had stronger, more flexible technology, a pricing advantage and a proven track record with us.”


  • Enables secure exchange between members, providers and payers without leaving existing portal
  • Member and provider user experience is simplified and enhanced
  • Added new communication feature to platform
  • Ensures the company is meeting security and privacy compliance regulations

From start to finish, the deployment took less than a month. There were no disruptions to business. No second portal was needed. Existing technology was leveraged, raising ROI and pleasing senior leaders. The company was also able to improve compliance with HIPAA by sending PHI via secure messaging.

Foremost, the CX Platform and user experience was heightened through a convenient and secure, single portal solution – members could have their questions answered and resolve issues without the annoyance and time delays of old-fashioned fax and snail mail. Not only did members find their means of communicating and exchanging information familiar, service reps had their same tools, eliminating the time and cost of retraining.

The Secure Message Center proved so successful, it became a standard feature of the Insurtech’s CX Platform.

“Insurers everywhere are focusing on transforming the CX with digital communication exchanges, but costs and potential disruption have been holding many back,” said the CEO and Founder. “With the DataMotion Secure Message Center API, we can help insurers provide consumers with a level of service they’ve come to expect in other areas of online life. And we do so affordably, in a way that’s seamless for all involved, and quickly – so business can continue without a glitch.”

“This is a win-win for both our companies,” said DataMotion’s CEO, Bob Janacek. “Together we’re able to offer best-of-breed, innovative technology under a single platform. That, in turn, is a win for consumers who want easy access to hassle-free service. Our joint solution empowers insurers without breaking the bank, and with competition in so many industries linked to CX, it can ensure a company’s future. It also provides our partner with another service to sell, further building upon our partnership.”

“Sometimes you venture into these projects and it doesn’t work, and the vendor ends up losing a lot of money. DataMotion did this PoC with no strings attached, that’s how confident they were. Just two weeks into this trial we all knew that we had exactly what we wanted – and more.”

Vice President of Security and Infrastructure