Blasting off into a New Year

Blasting off into a New Year

Blasting off into a New Year 1024 404 Bob Janacek

Welcome to the new  We invite you to take a tour through the site.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the next generation of DataMotion. We had two primary goals: 1. to create a site that better reflects our position as a leading provider of APIs and pre-built solutions for secure data exchange, and 2. to create a better, more intuitive experience for finding information, and trying or buying our services.

You can now quickly find information about our APIs and pre-built bundles through articles, case studies, how to videos, documentation and libraries. When you’re ready, easily try out our services at no charge via our new customer self-service center. To simplify the buying the experience, we’ve created new service bundles, starting with a free bundle for personal use, to ones designed for individual professionals, teams and large enterprises. And we are showing you what each service costs – right up front.

For our existing customers – no worries – the solutions you are currently running are now a part of one of the bundles.  You might see some with a new name – for example SecureMail is now called secure mailbox and is included in all bundles. When you come to the site to login, you will now see three options: one to go to your Secure Message Portal (SecureMail), one for Direct Secure Messaging (portal) and one to access your self-service Customer Center. Just pick the service you already have and log in like you usually do.  Any questions – just get in touch with your account representative or contact support.

We hope you find the new site easy to access and navigate.  And we’re just getting started.  2021 will bring even more great ways for you to do secure, remote, digital business with your customers and partners.  We look forward to making these available to you in the coming year.  So, stay tuned, sit back, and explore!