The DataMotion Hot List for April and May

The DataMotion Hot List for April and May

The DataMotion Hot List for April and May 1024 404 Team DataMotion

Welcome to the latest DataMotion Hot List!

Can you believe that we’re already in June? While summer may be just weeks away, here at the DataMotion Blog we’re bringing the heat with some hot topics! In April and May, we published several entries (including one interview) from Team DataMotion members who attended the HIMSS22 conference in Orlando. In each blog entry our team touched on their experience at HIMSS, highlighting topics and themes that resonated with them. We also finished the Meet the Secure Message Center series, where Christian Grunkemeyer shared a few use cases for organizations in non-regulated industries, then wrapped up the series by addressing a few commonly asked questions.

Today’s posts offer unique insight and perspective on a number of topics, and we think you’ll find them to be interesting and valuable reads. Without further ado, let’s dive into what you may have missed in April and May.

What You Should Have Been Reading

Baby’s First HIMSS: Connecting Providers, Payors, and Health IT “We…can talk about how we transmit data, the data that’s being transmitted, and the [data] format. But in the end, it’s all about patient care. If we make technology changes and it doesn’t affect how we care for our patients and members, then it’s not worth changing.” Christian Grunkemeyer touches on key points and takeaways from the HIMSS22 conference, sharing thoughts on empowering the healthcare workforce and why the “future” of healthcare is not as far away as we might think.

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Reimagining Healthcare Interoperability and Secure Information Exchange “Tremendous strides have been made in healthcare interoperability…that said, this year’s HIMSS conference gave us an opportunity to review the interoperability landscape as it exists today, and more importantly, asked our generation to ‘reimagine’ the future of healthcare.” In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, Doug Rubino reflects on his takeaways from HIMSS22, offering thoughts on the current state of healthcare interoperability and how far it has come, and his take on reimagining healthcare.

Healthcare IT: Challenges and Opportunities in Secure Exchange “There are new technologies that provide endpoints to retrieve data from existing platforms. However…[they] need to be weighed and vetted. It is critical that the content is protected at every step. From a vision perspective, these elements are the cornerstone of our secure exchange solutions.” In this interview, Andrew McKenna shares his overall HIMSS experience, including discussions around challenges and pain points in secure data exchange, and what he sees for the future of healthcare IT.

Protecting Sensitive Information on the Daily: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message CenterCutting down on paperwork. Keeping projects under wraps. Protecting privacy for vulnerable populations… secure digital exchange [as] part of your daily routine just makes sense, whether or not your organization is bound by compliance.” In the third installment of the Meet the Secure Message Center series, Christian Grunkemeyer discusses a list of reasons why organizations in the non-regulated space can benefit from DataMotion’s secure message center. 

Balancing Security, Compliance, and Usability: Your Secure Message Center FAQs “Here is how I look at it. What if you were to accidentally leave the paper version of something when packing up your laptop bag at, say, a coffee shop or an airport? You would panic when you realized it went missing. If so, you need simple, secure exchange for that type of document and others like it.” In this final installment, Christian Grunkemeyer wraps up the Meet the Secure Message Center series with a brief series overview and answering some commonly asked questions.

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That is all for now. Thank you for a wonderful April and May in the DataMotion Blog and we look forward to seeing you in June!