The DataMotion 2021 Year-end Hot List, Part 2: Editor’s Picks

The DataMotion 2021 Year-end Hot List, Part 2: Editor’s Picks

The DataMotion 2021 Year-end Hot List, Part 2: Editor’s Picks 732 312 Team DataMotion

Welcome to part two of DataMotion’s 2021 Year-end Hot List! In part one, we reflected on various collections that were published to the DataMotion Blog, including the Danger for Data series and a look at the rise of Ransomware as a Service. In this installment, we’re sharing a list of notable entries from 2021 including things to consider before developing software in-house, a checklist for vetting API companies, and takeaways from industry events.

Let’s dive in.

What You May Have Missed in 2021

Choosing an API Company: 14 Points for Due Diligence When considering an API company, you’ll want to do your diligence. In this post, DataMotion Vice President of Products and Services Alex Mushkin shares a checklist to use as part of the vetting process, covering factors such as security, benefits offered, and technical depth.

DataMotion: A Zero Trust Model You Can Trust “Trust but verify relies on a strong defense, vetting then trusting people and systems. Zero trust is an internal strategy, focusing on hypervigilance around not only system security compliance, but access. Here at DataMotion, we abide by both.” DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek speaks to the zero-trust security model, how it keeps DataMotion’s customers safe, and its benefits to your organization.

5 Things to Consider Before Developing Software In-house Whether or not to develop in-house solutions is a question that almost every enterprise asks at some point. The do-it-yourself approach can offer tremendous benefits, but there is often tremendous costs and additional, unplanned work involved. DataMotion Developer Advocate Heather Post examines this question and offers a list of points to consider before starting an in-house project.

Flexibility, Ease, Security and Compliance: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center “While the secure message center can include email communications, it is really a solution to keep all of your communication tools, including email, customer apps and portals, in one place for simple, secure and compliant communications.” If modernizing customer experience and internal workflows are part of your 2022 resolutions, you are in luck! Christian Grunkemeyer, DataMotion’s Director of Sales Success talks about our secure message center, some general use cases, its impact on the customer experience and internal workflows, and how this solution can benefit organizations across industries.

2021 In Events

Team DataMotion attended several industry events this year, both virtually and in person. Below are the post-event blog entries from healthcare and insurtech events, where Christian Grunkemeyer and DataMotion Business Development Director, Healthcare, Doug Rubino shared industry trends, hot topics, and general event takeaways.

Directly Speaking: The 2021 DirectTrust™ Summit “We want a patient, no matter where they are receiving care, to have that doctor immediately be able to pull their medical records from another care provider or organization with the same ease that the patient withdrew money from another bank’s ATM that morning for their coffee shop run.” We sat down with Doug Rubino to discuss takeaways from June’s DirectTrust™ Summit, including challenges faced with healthcare directories and what’s next for the industry.

HIMSS 2021 Takeaways: Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Interoperability “Many organizations have a marked lack of internal expertise and knowledge of internal network schematics and topology. This…boils down to a general failure to understand where system vulnerabilities exist, which ultimately leads to the inability to anticipate and identify cybersecurity threats, and to prevent an attack.” Once again, Doug Rubino shared his insights and takeaways from HIMSS 2021. Event discussions included challenges and innovations around cybersecurity in healthcare.

Ensuring Secure and Compliant Exchange for Insurance: ITC 2021 “To sum up, organizations in the space are looking for AI-driven technologies, multiple integration options, and technological methods to automate internal processes and better detect, and prevent, fraud.” In this interview, Christian Grunkemeyer shared hot topics and takeaways from ITC 2021, including improving the insurance policyholder digital experience and the current state of technology at insurance companies.

On behalf of everyone at Team DataMotion, we’d like to thank you for a wonderful 2021, and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022! We’re looking forward to another great year in the DataMotion Blog and we hope you can join us. If you have some downtime during the holiday break, please take a minute to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Finally, stay in the know in 2022 and subscribe to the DataMotion newsletter, which delivers industry insights and thought leadership to your inbox once a month.

Thanks again for a great year—we’ll see you in 2022!